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We love our children, but moving your home with young children or when you are expecting a new child, can be a real pain! GMR offers families unprecedented support for moving with ease in spite of the stress and hassle of relocating.

Before the move

  • 1Tell your kids where you are moving and why.
  • 2Make a list of the benefits of moving that your child will be able to understand.
  • 3Appeal to your child’s inner adventurer. Remember, moving can be exciting!
  • 4Use maps and pictures as illustrations to make the move more concrete.
  • 5Involve your child in planning his/her new bedroom. Draw pictures and include her in the process.

During the move

  • 1Have your child create a special mark or symbol for the boxes containing “his stuff.
  • 2Whether it’s stickers or a drawing, this will allow your child to feel involved in the move.
  • 3Pack a special bag to carry with you to your new home containing your child’s favorite toys and activities so she will have access to her most important items right away.
  • 4Make sure you consult with the GMR movers about what is important to you and your children as you move. Remember, we do this all the time, and our goal is to make it easy for you. Bring snacks.
  • 5Unpack your child’s bedroom first so that he can go to sleep while you stay up organizing your new home.

After the move

  • 1Plan a family welcome ritual for your new home. Make a cake and sing happy birthday to the new house.
  • 2esume daily routines, like mealtime and bedtime as quickly as possible to provide consistency for your child.
  • 3Help your kids feel comfortable in their new bedroom. Whether they need a night-light or an extra long cuddle before bed, take steps to create familiarity.
  • 4Explore your new neighborhood together. Make sure to stop at the library, the school and the ice cream store.
  • 5Remember to make new friends but keep the old. Take the initiative in introducing your children to new friends, but make sure to keep in touch with people from your old neighborhood.
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