Below is a list of some frequently asked questions and other additional information to help you get ready for your move

    Whether you choose to pack yourself or choose to have GMR pack for you, the contents of all drawers must be packed. Items cannot be moved within the furniture because the contents can damage the inside of the furniture and make the furniture much harder to move.

    GMR cannot control whether proper packing methods are used on boxes packed by the customer, and liability is limited where allowed by law. In addition, furniture made of pressed wood often sold by Ikea, Staples and others are not designed to be moved and GMR cannot be held responsible for damage to these items.

    While it is fun to ride in our moving trucks, our insurance company prohibits us from giving rides to customers. Therefore, please arrange your own transportation from your origin to your destination.

    Travel time is calculated as the time it takes for our crew to arrive at the origin address, plus the time it takes the crew to get back to our office from the destination address. Travel time is set prior to the move and does not change even if our crew is stranded in traffic or due to inclement weather. Driving between the origin and destination is considered billable labor time and has been factored into your quote.

    If you have a binding price for your move, then it includes the cost of tolls. If your move is based on an hourly rate, the cost of tolls is in addition to the labor and materials.

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